Everyone wants to see its country as developed one, but no one wants to pour-in its energy, barring a few, to bring this country to that stage. Educated ones like doctors, engineers, IT professionals in the lure of high salary and fringe benefits leave this country.

It is the civil servants who take pledge to develop this country by pouring in all their knowledge and skills. They sacrifice their sleep, comfort and even their families to just bring development into the country. UPSC has designed syllabus for this examination in such a manner that it brings the aspirants to that competitive level that they come at par with the development agents of the world. The course design is all competitive in nature and really checks the potential of candidates.  

Civil Servants do not join civil services just for the sake of salary but they have that spirit in themselves to see India into a developed nation and for that they put their commitment, hard work, planning and execution for the country. I salute their commitment and pledge that they have taken for the nation.


Vivechna has been established by renowned faculties with 20+ years of teaching & mentoring experience in Civil & Judiciary Services Examination Coaching. It is an initiative with a view to establish benchmark institution to achieve excellence in the most prestigious and competitive examinations in the country, i.e. Civil Services & Judiciary Examination. The institute is preparing candidates for Civil Services Examination (CSE) & Judiciary Examination at all the three levels i.e. Preliminary Examination, Main Examination and Personality Test. The aim of this institute is to provide best and in-depth knowledge to civil services & judiciary aspirants through which they can meet with the requirements of the changing pattern of questions being asked in the examination. Our study material is enriched with the best of useful hints, ideas and methods that make it easy for the aspirants to crack the UPSC and state PCS and Judiciary exams with surety, certainty and confidence. The faculties of the institute are the real strength and our faculty members are experienced and dynamic persons, who have had the experience in the examination and hence can empathize with the needs of the candidates to prepare them for CSE & Judiciary by providing quality teachings and personal orientation in each subject…