Struggle is not a struggle but way of life……

When we come across difficult situations in life we consider a life as full of struggle but in reality it’s not struggle but your decisions of living such kind of life. You can refer the life of many great leaders around the world who have shown live examples of opting for struggle irrespective of the fact whether they had luxurious life conditions or not.  When we challenge the existing conditions, we opt for struggle.

Those who cannot refer to change the life conditions cannot even dream of opting to struggle. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Vallabhbhai Patel among others could have lead life without struggle but they opted the path of struggle as a way of life.  It is just a matter of looking at the things weather we consider our struggle as struggle or consider it a way of life.  When we opt for this kind of life we opt to change the life of oneself first and then of others.

Getting into the most competitive examinations is a decision to struggle.  Getting success into most esteemed examinations like civil services and Judiciary services examination also is a matter of decision to change the existing condition of the country.  To live into the state that we are in or to make struggle a way of life is upon us. Opt for the struggle and change the world….

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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