Can education be the only religion to develop……???

All human races on this planet need development and the basic needs of all humans are same. All human beings suffer same miseries and enjoy same happiness once they attain any kind of success in the lives.  Education is the only way of life that makes us to think about the development of all by exploring new environment, technology, and sources. Education is the only weapon which can help us to fight against odds when we get stuck up into any kind of adversaries.

Nations around the world have developed themselves my developing education system into their respective countries. Those countries who can research can utilize their existing resources help to develop under developed ones to get them attain a high position on the ladder of development in global community.  Education is for all – irrespective of any religion, cast, class, place of birth and sex. In this era of liberalization we need to penetrate the spirit of education to all the sections of the society for speedy development.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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