The pattern of change adopted by UPSC in conducting civil services examination is witnessed by all. Be it the preliminary or the mains examination we can see the change in content and context of questions. The present trend is asking for more contemporary issues than the traditional ones. The questions are multidisciplinary and analytical in nature.

It was envisaged by the establishment of civil services examination that it will confront all the problems that is, present and future, and offer the best possible solutions to the problems of the society. It will ensure the best possible civic life to all its citizens and contribute actively in the socio- economic growth of the country.

The UPSC is all aware about the changing needs of the exam and the quality of officers IAS,IPS,IRS and IFS among others,  needed to run this country. The politicians are on the fore front to fulfill the aspirations of the public but the apparatus of the government that works for that is ‘bureaucracy’ fulfilled with efficient civil servants i.e. career bureaucrats.

During the crisis times the government has proved its presence due to the active presence of civil servants.  Be it war condition with economics, development and social issues or be it the war with novel corona virus, on all the frontiers the country has won its war with the help of the officers of civil services.

To bring alive the real soldier in you and to prove the real strength of knowledge and understanding join civil services and first live yourself and then help others to live the spirit of the constitution, the sacred law of the land,  given by the people to govern the government.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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