India is youngistan where majority of its population belongs to young people. There is an important section of student’s community among these youngs. It is found that the students from 9th to 12th standard because of lack of information around them get into those courses which they do not want to. Owing to this they do not show their hidden talent and hence throughout their life they remain sad.

The culture of providing “career counseling” is not yet fully adopted by our country due to many reasons. There sought to be collaborative efforts both from the parents and students side while choosing the career which the students want to get in their future life. The students are the future of our country and they should explore their real hidden potential and talent in them. At the very early age if any student is found to be with the interest, trait and talent of future civil servant IAS/IPS/IPS/IRS then that student should be trained accordingly to meet its dreams. This applies to other careers as well i.e. choosing the right career at an early stage and opting the same in their future also.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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