The constitution of India has provided for elections to establish and flourish democracy in our country. The legislature had passed two important acts in this regard i.e Representation of peoples act 1950 and  1951. Along with these powerful acts there is one more important law i.e. Anti defection law, which tries to clean Indian polity. To enforce the provisions of these laws and other laws related with elections there is an independent constitutional body – Election Commission of India in our country.

The Bureaucracy – IAS IPS IRS IFS and other government officials also contribute their responsibilities in order to strengthen democracy and bring inclusive growth in the country. If this bureaucracy  gets  active, clean and honest then democracy can be creeped into our society with more momentum and election related issues can be sorted out more promptly,   as the preamble of our constitution contains “we the people” empower public representatives to form and run government.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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