The entire world is passing through a transition phase from Corona. Almost for two years and more nearly all economic activities remained blocked as a preventive step to stop spread of  global pandemic. Recently the world has started unlocking and economic activities. This state of economic lockdown has taught us lessons about life – as to how to live with lesser resources? How to move and how to behave among other? The entire economy of the World had stopped but the entire world is is struggling all over again to get new momentum in economics and development.

New job opportunities are about to come as soon as the unlocking process completes. This is the best time for the aspirant’s community to prepare and compete for the jobs they are seeking for the public sector. This sector is opening numerous opportunities for job at all levels from top to bottom. Recently Public Service Commission of states are opening up opportunities for the aspirants. More specifically Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has recently started recruiting judicial officers. The lockdown gave opportunity to the aspirant’s community to have in-depth understanding of their general studies and optional papers that the competitive examinations are asking for. This is the best time that they can reach their existing knowledge and upgrade it for the getting of job as soon as possible. From my side I extend my best wishes to the entire aspirant’s community and offer my “all the best” for them.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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