Reform is an integrated part of life.  It is reflected in all artifacts pertaining to economy, polity and cultural aspects among others. We consider economic reforms in the history and was quite long awaited. If we consider economic reforms it can be traced back from the time of independence ever since India took its reforms in economy. The upsurge of all the sectors of the economy that is – primary, secondary and tertiary sector contributes to the growth of economy in totality. More specifically the reforms in agriculture sector, industrial sector and services sector all contributed towards the growth of GDP and the growth of the country at large.  Reforms lead to the growth in the political and social segments of the society also.

We can understand the role of civil services in infusing and injecting the reforms which were carried out by the close cooperation from public. Civil services is the steel pillar of the government and an instrument of change by the government for the people and by the people for the government as well.   The Civil servants take decisions and necessary steps to reform the economic scenario of the country and contributed their best so that the economy can be prevented from any disaster and the process of development can be reached to the last person of society. We can understand that the knowledge acquired by the civil servants and the judiciary services make those laws an exemplary demonstration in its nature which benefitted the society to its maximum. We can bring out several examples from the civil services who sacrificed their lives and contributed to the growth of nation. Many civil servants join the politics in their later years of career and actively participate in the politics. By gaining this platform one can reflect the needs of the society and the will of the government for the benefit of the society. Those aspirants who are struggling to get into civil services or judiciary services need to ignite their heart and mind to work for the country’s socio-economic development.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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