India is going to celebrate its upcoming Republic Day on 26th of January. It was the day when India Indian Constitution came into force and India became a republic. The Republic Day signifies that India is  a federation with Union of States. The constitution has given us power separation between the central government and state governments. The central government has its own entity and the state governments do enjoy the same. The functions or the working areas of both the central government and the state governments are well defined in the union list, state list and the concurrent list. The working of the governments at the centre and the states depends upon the civil servants selected and trained at the state level and at the union level.

The officers selected at the union level by the UPSC i.e. IAS/IPS/IFS have worked for the country and work towards the strengthening of this federation. These civil servants are trained in such a manner so that the entity of India as a federation can be maintained and can be dignified throughout the time. These officers are educated, trained and hard workers – so they understand the condition of the country and condition of the world as well. India will be always getting strength from such kind of officers.

Republic Day is the time when armed forces show their strength of unity and dignity for the solidification of the country but the role of civil servants and the Judiciary can never be undermined in any circumstances. It is the civil servants who look into nearly all the methods of the country to sort out the problems and make the country to grow into the higher ladder of development.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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