Infrastructural development have had been an uphill task for the government and it is working for it since independence. The civil services have poured in its tremendous energy and intelligence to upstream the level of infrastructure required by contemporary India to meet with the needs of the citizens and to the global economy. The political system and the economical systems are highly interrelated and the covid-19 has given us a new challenge for both the political class and the economists to come up with  new economic policies, so that, the economic loss that have incurred due to corona virus pandemic may easily be the covered in the coming times as soon as possible.

The developmental dynamics will be gaining momentum by the effective and efficient approach of the civil services and the public participation which is there in our country and the new horizons of development would be opening up just after corona virus gets over. The infrastructure will be getting new heights and the economy of the country would be gaining multiple digits of growth with joy, wisdom and hard labour from both the civil servants and the public at large.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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