The growth of any country gains too much momentum in all spheres once its citizens are aware, not only about the governmental policies, but about the limitations that the government is facing with. Despite covid pandemic the country has shown incomparable growth rate with other countries and a huge potential to grow exists in the coming times.

The government is all committed to make growth in double digits and considering the same some new schemes have come into the budget 2022-23. The budget will be discussed and passed in the legislature with growth targets set and allocation of money and resources to meet with those targets. The question whether the set priorities would be met in due course of time depends upon the social infrastructure too in terms of awareness of its people for the need of growth and development. If people are aware they will never get involved themselves into any anti-national for anti-social activities which ultimately engulfs the resources of the country. Here the role of teachers emerges on the top as teachers are the makers of social infrastructure in the country. Right from the very beginning the social infrastructure should be strengthened by the government and the teachers together which will definitely contribute towards the growth and development of the country.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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