India is passing through a transition from developing to developed nations. The social and economic parameters at the inception of Independence were drastically different from what we have today. The pride of being Indian and the contribution of Indians into the world has ever increased since then. We have invested our time money and energy and have brought up the economy till this level. Had Covid-19 not attacked the world our economy would have shooted to an unprecedented level as India is youngistaan with maximum of its population being young.

The young and energetic individuals can bring in more structural changes into the economy then there old aged counterparts. They are young, dynamic, innovative accept the challenges and are having valor to meet with the odds in all circumstances. The young people are recruited in the government sections be it Army, Civil Services or Judicial Services and they are trained accordingly so that they can contribute in these sectors of the country and contribute towards the growth and development of the nation as a whole. We can imagine a country having full potential to develop into a developed country if this combined force of young’s and senior’s get their understanding with their shared vision.

After getting the inputs from the republic day, I being a responsible citizen of India can aspire that very soon the dreams of India of becoming a superpower and a developed nation would be realised because the broad shoulders of our youngs are capable enough to accept the challenges and work for the country.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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