Bringing down inequalities in all sorts is the primary responsibility of the government in any country and so in India too. Huge amount of money is being spent in our country in order to control and slow down the communal clashes which happen quite frequently.  India is a democratic country and the secular one and all people of different faith and beliefs reside in it with harmony but some clever people in order to gain economic and political positions use these communal divides in order to make and establish their supremacy.

It is the responsibility of the smart civil servants to enact such kinds of laws through delegated legislation that will shield faith of all in our country and maintain a harmony between the societies and cultures residing over here. The prime task lies with the education system of the country which should give its due diligence to educate people about the spirit of the constitution and the concepts of secularism, democracy, justice and communal harmony in the nation. If government is cognizant enough it will surely bring a just society in which people in any nook and corner of the country can stay with peace and develop themselves as a true citizen of India surpassing all communal and caste politics.

Advocate Ranjeet Singh

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